About the Department

About the Department

The Department of Geography is one of the foundation Departments of the University in 1962. The Department was initially awarding B.A. degree but was moved to the Faculty of Social Sciences in 1968 when it began to award B. Sc. degree. The Department today has a total of 20 academic; 4 professional and 6 non-teaching members of staff at various grades. The curriculum of the Department has continued to be reviewed from time to time and it presently reflect the changing developmental needs of the country. All the course contents have robust theoretical background and are equipped with tools to help students in dealing with practical socio-economic challenges especially in the areas of spatial planning, environmental resources management and geospatial sciences and applications.

The Department is a dynamic and friendly environment committed to pursuing world class research and teaching. It aims at providing a rich academic experience for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is set to be a nodal teaching and research centre especially in West Africa and the rest of African continent. The professorate as well as the young corps of academics in the department are vastly experienced in both the human and physical geography as well as in applied aspects of the discipline, including, Cartography, Surveying, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Graduates of the Department have been making valuable contributions to national and international development issues.

At the postgraduate level, the academic research programmes are M.Sc. Human and Physical Geography; M.Sc. and M. Phil.  Remote Sensing & GIS; PhD Human and Physical Geography, and PhD in Remote Sensing and GIS. There is also a professional Master programme – M. GIS, which is available mainly for those engaged in one job or the other who need to improve or acquire geospatial skills.

The Department supports research with field and laboratory equipment, and computer laboratories equipped with advanced GIS, remote sensing and modeling software. The core of our strength is the dedication of staff and students who together create and sustain a vibrant scholarly community that makes Ife Geography unique in every sense of the word.


Our vision:

Our vision is to be a top-rated University Department in Africa, that ranks among the best in the world whose products occupy leadership and strategic positions in the public and private sectors of Nigeria’s and global economy.